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Hello! Can you please tell me where we can buy speare vhiles for ponycycle?
Hello! You can order them from us. Let us know what model you need ponycycle wheels for professional or home use, as well as the size needed for small and medium-sized horses pony cycle or large ponycycle. You can also place your order by yourself on our website under Ponycycle sales service.
Hi, My name is Luiza, and I would like to buy pony cycle professional small, I going to give as a gift he in Brazil
How can I do it?
Thank you in advance
Olá, meu nome é Alex, você precisa fazer um pedido em nosso site na loja online, depois que nós lhe enviaremos um projeto de lei para o pagamento via Paypal, o preço da ordem, vamos adicionar o custo de transporte de cerca de 50 euros, o período de entrega de 10-15 dias.
Bonjour, je souhaiterais commander un pony cycle et le faire livrer chez moi en France près de Metz, à combien revient la livraison? Merci
Bonjour, vous devez placer votre commande sur notre site, et indiquez l'adresse postale exacte, y compris le code postal, nous allons expédier vos commandes grâce seryvisy postal national, délai de livraison de 10 à 15 jours
Hello I want to buy Several Horses Ponycycle in Tehran,Iran.
I have 3 questions.
1-Can you Send Pony cycle to Iran or do you have any Shop or Branch in Iran?
2-How can i Pay to you Money?
3-How much is your Horses Ponycycle Price with Sending?
Hello, You can make order on our website in the online store, all models have in stock, after ordering, we will send an invoice for payment, you can pay through the international payment system Paypal, postage one parcel of 50 euros, delivery period 10-15 days.
Interesuje nas pony cycle.Imam djevojcicu od 7god.
Na djevojku od 7 godina, najvjerojatnije fit model Ponycycle, prosječna model Ponycycle se može koristiti za do 120 centimetara deey rasta
Is it possible to give such a pony cycle, kid for a 1 year if she had to walk? ... and even dancing ....
Welcome to give a horse pony cycle of course you can, but the child learns to ride full immediately, even though children in this age jump in the saddle and the horse ponycycle is on the way.
I'm interested pony cycle pro in black and a medium, how much to ship Ponycycle to Australia please
delivery courier service medium model pony cycle in Australia will cost an average of 100-150 euros, a more accurate calculation we can make the following order on our website indicating the exact mailing address, including zip code
Beim Profi- Modell lassen sich ja die Pedalen verstellen. Was ist die Minimale und was die maximale Höhe bei small und Medium?
In professionellen Models Ponycycle, gibt es zwei Arten der Anpassung Pedale. Obere Position und gilt als ein Standard-Korrespondenz: kleine Modelle Ponycycle - für Kinder bis zu 90 cm hohe und mittlere Modelle Ponycycle - für Kinder bis zu 90 cm hoch. Lower Pedal ermöglicht die Einstellung des unteren Pedal in der Standardposition 15 cm unten und somit die Verwendung eines mechanischen Pferd für Kinder mit unterschiedlichen Wachstumsdifferenz von 15-20 cm erlauben
Beim Profi- Modell lassen sich ja die Pedalen verstellen. Was ist die Minimale und was die maximale Höhe bei small und Medium?
Welche Größe empfehlen Sie bei einer Körpergröße von 90 cm? Bis zu welcher Größe ist "Small" geeignet?
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