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Opens the spring season together Ponycycle!



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gobbi 09.06.2015 20:12
Hola, vi sus productos en un shopping en Cancun, estoy interesado en importar sus productos para ..

Hola! La tienda de internet de ponycycle.biz sólo se ocupa de la venta al por menor infantil caballos de batalla de la ponycycle. Haga un pedido en la tienda online de ponycycle.biz. Exactamente indique la referencia y el modelo de ponycycle. Especificar la dirección postal incluidos el código postal. Vamos a hacer el cálculo exacto del coste de la entrega ponycycle a Su casa y Le enviaremos la factura. Una vez que Usted pague la cuenta a través de PayPal y de inmediato Le enviaremos ponycycle y Usted lo recibirá tan pronto como sea posible. Gracias, que se aprovecharon de la tienda de internet ponycycle.biz

moto entertinement 02.06.2015 16:17
This is raju from bangalore, india. I want to buy ponycycle for rented purpose usein in shopping malls, please tell me the price and shipment details and other formalities.asap.
Thank you.

Hello. Thank you for using the online store ponycycle.biz. To quickly answer Your question You need to order ponycycle in the online store ponycycle.biz. In the order it is necessary to precisely specify the model number, ponycycle, the number ponycycle and accurate delivery address including postcode. We will make a precise calculation on the cost and timing of delivery to Your home. Waiting for Your order in the store ponycycle.biz. Thanks

Graça Villanova 28.05.2015 01:01
Gostaria de saber se aceitam pagamento via boleto, quando tempo para entrega após pagamento. Aguardo resposta para efetuar a compra. Obrigada

Bom dia. Faça a encomenda ponycycle na loja ponycycle.biz. Copie o código do modelo e o endereço de email correto, incluindo o código postal. Nós faremos o cálculo exato do valor do pedido, incluindo o custo de transporte e Lhe enviaremos a conta para pagar. Depois de receber o pagamento ponycycle será entregue exatamente o período de tempo especificado. Obrigado, que aproveitaram a loja online ponycycle.biz.

Thiago vilarinho 25.05.2015 00:11
good afternoon
I would buy one ponycyle average for my son.
I live in Brazil in Sao Paulo
Cep 04082900
I wanted to know the value with the return transportation?
thank you

Good day! Please make an order for ponycycle in the online store ponycycle.biz. Please specify SKU ponycycle. When ordering, specify the exact address with zip code. Having accurate data we will be able to bill ponycycle putting in the exact amount for ponycycle and delivery to Your home. Thank you for using store ponycycle.biz

Cathrine 13.05.2015 05:46
Hi. Does IT cost 250€ to get it to Sweden or is it including the horse? I'm interesting in the medium size.

Good day. in order to know the exact cost buy pony cycle please make an order on the website ponycycle.biz. Specify the exact postal address with postcode. We perform a precise calculation. Total price of the reservation includes the cost of delivery and may not differ from the cost ponycycle in the online store ponycycle.biz. Depending on the distance. Thank you for what you are buying pony cycle in the online store ponycycle.biz

Ana Herrera 06.05.2015 05:41
Hello, I am from Chile, I would like to know if You can send to my country the ponycycles that I need. And How is the correct way to buy. Thanks

Good day. In order to buy pony cycle in Chile, you need to carefully choose the model ponycycle on the website ponycycle.biz and make an order on the website ponycycle.biz. Specify exact postal shipping address with postal code. You will receive your account with the exact amounts of payment and the exact date of receipt ponycycle in Chile. Thank you for what you buy ponycycle in us.

Graça 20.04.2015 05:44
Boa noite. Estou interessada em comprar um desses cavalinhos tamanho médio mas não achei a forma de pagamento via boleto bancário. É possível?
Existe no Brasil loja física onde eu possa comprar?

Bom dia. Tudo de pagamento no site ponycycle.biz são efectuados através do sistema PayPal. Pagar a compra ponycycle cheque bancário, pode-se usar este sistema de pagamento. Faça o seu pedido de compra ponycycle no site ponycycle.biz e você recebe uma conta do PayPal, que você pode pagar por transferência bancária, por cheque ou cartão de débito. Comprar pony cycle no Brasil, se você solicitar um brinquedo no site ponycycle.biz. Obrigado.

Naveen 15.04.2015 22:59
Hi, i would like to know the delivery costs and duration, if i buy 10-12 poni cycles at a time including domestic and rental models, can you please let me know the costings, thanks

In order to know the exact shipping cost of pony cycle and the exact delivery time of ponycycle please make purchase order of ponycycle on our website ponycycle.biz. Provide the full postal address for delivery of pony cycle, specify the exact part numbers and models of ponycycle. We will make exact calculation and send the exemplary account. Thank you.

ahmet 09.04.2015 15:24
i use the pony cycle in eskişehir of turkey.
can we take spare part of your products, espesially their cases, and how do we do payment, how do you do shipping. is it free shipping?

You can make order on our website in the Ponycycle Sales Service, after ordering, we will send you an invoice through Paypal, delivery is carried out through the National Post, in order specify the exact postal address including postal code and the full name of the recipient, postage depends on the weight of the parcel . The delivery period is 10-15 days.

Ajay 20.03.2015 09:46
I want to buy these pony cycles,can u deliver them to india?

Yes shipping horses ponycycle to India possible through the national postal service. The cost of sending about 90 euros. Make an order on the site, select any model pony cycle, specify the exact mailing address, including zip code, and the full name of the recipient and we will make the delivery soon.




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