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Opens the spring season together Ponycycle!



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Ayman 04.05.2017 23:29
Hi do you ship to Saudi Arabia, If yes how much would cost for Medium Pony

Sarah farling 25.11.2015 07:16
Hi do u deliver to doncaster UK how much would this cost and can you deliver before Christmas thanks

Hello, postage via the postal service 30 euros, delivery period of 12-18 days, the cost of delivery by courier 50 euros, delivery period to 10 days.

Gillian Beattie 24.11.2015 09:10
How much would it be to buy a large pony cycle. I live in Scotland

Hello, about a large model ponycycle please refer to the website of the manufacturer www.ponycycle.com

Kathy 08.11.2015 11:26
Where can I purchase a large PonyCycle? I live in the US. Thank you!

Paula 02.11.2015 07:12
Hi I was wondering if you deliver to Scotland ? How much it would cost for a medium brown horse in British pounds with delivery?

sorlie 22.10.2015 20:50
Hi, Im very much interested in becoming a authirized dealer of this fantastic products Ponycycle in Norway. What do you need from me, and what are the terms for this kind of agreement?

Welcome to retail online store, all the questions on wholesale purchases and questions about buying commercial models for the rental business please send the manufacturer's website! WWW.PONYCYCLE.COM

BEKİR BEKİROĞLU 20.10.2015 14:20
Merhaba satın aldığımız ürün eve mi geliyor yoksa gümrüktemi kalıyor.

özel siparişler gümrük vergisine tabi değildir genellikle posta servisi ile ponycycle gönderebiliriz

shadl 18.10.2015 21:49
Hi, which size would you recommend for a child 106 cm tall?
Do you send Ponycycle to Norway?

Hello, your child will approach the medium model. Delivery can realize through the postal service.

Michaela 07.09.2015 18:14
I have a question. Sending ponycycle to Slovakia ? What is the shipping price?

Hello, postage ponycycle to the nearest post office will be 30 euros, delivery to the door of your house or apartment is 50 euros

Abdulkadir 03.09.2015 18:17
Merhaba ponycycle Türkiye istanbul dan ürünlerinizden almak istiyorum, ödeme, kargo ve teslimat nasıl yapılıyor?

Ulusal posta servisi aracılığıyla emir göndermek ödeme sonra ödeme ponycycle sonra, Paypal üzerinden ödeme için bir fatura gönderilecektir, 30-50 Euro nakliye masrafları, teslim süresi 10-15 gündür.




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