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Ponycycle Light Brown Horse medium

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Ponycycle Light Brown Horse medium

Ponycycle Light Brown Horse medium - mechanical horse, designed for the age of 4 years, is designed for family use. Maximum load horses up to 40 kg, the size of the withers 930 mm seat height of 620 mm. Pedal in a fixed position. At present lightning-plating fasteners for removal and cleaning material. The model can be equipped with a sound effect, powered by a 2-AA-batteries. Packing size 600x350x620 mm, weight 10.5 kg.
  Domestic models for home use come in two sizes:

Small model - horses, designed to be ridden in the youngest children aged 1.5 to 3 years. The height of these models is about 70 cm, the distance from the seat to the pedals 35 cm, the distance from the seat to the ground 50 cm, the maximum load of about 25 kg, the weight of small models of about 7.7 kg; 
Medium model - horses, designed for children from 3.5 to 7 - 8 years. Height of average models of about 90 cm, the distance from the seat to the pedals 45 cm, the distance from the seat to the ground 64 cm, the maximum load of about 40 kg, the average Ponycycle weighs about 10.4 kg.

    Skating Ponycycle desirable smooth solid surface. Horse has only front lift, roll back can not. To rotate Ponycycle Light Brown Horse features a small handles. To move forward, the child should stand on the pedals and sit on the seat, so that the horses legs move, resulting Ponycycle in motion.

Ponycycle - toy is a great trainer for strengthening the musculoskeletal system toddler as is exercising certain muscle groups involved during skiing. Thus, the horse immediately combines three functions: a toy, vehicle and simulator.

 Ponycycle Light Brown Horse medium buy as a great gift for any child. This model is universal and enjoys the attention of both girls and boys. There is this horse in the unvoiced and spoken form. Mechanical horse can be used as gambling entertainment, organize races and competitions at festivals and other events for children.


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