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Opens the spring season together Ponycycle!


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Welcome to the site of the world's most popular toy Ponycycle

Riding a PonyCycle is also great exercise or strengthening a child’s arms and legs, because it trains a specific group of muscles. This way, a PonyCycle has three uses – a toy, a mode of transport and an exercise machine.

Ponycycle.biz offers you the best deal for buying Ponycycles. Our partnership with major transport companies and logistics centres allows us to deliver to clients anywhere in the EU. You can find out more about payment methods and delivery costs here.

Ponycycle - Domestic for home-use

The domestic Ponycycle is a magical toy that doesn’t need any electricity to run - so no batteries or chargers! Children just have to get in the saddle, put their feet in the stirrups and bob up and down like they’re riding a real pony. PonyCycle’s innovative internal mechanism does the rest. Furthermore, it prevents the toy from moving backwards even when going up a hill.


 PonyCycles are grouped into two categories - ‘professional’ models for rental and ‘domestic’ models for home-use.

The ‘professional’ model’s durable steel frame means that it can be offered as an attraction to customers,

while the domestic version is specifically designed to turn a young child’s walk into an exciting journey.

If you are interested in buying a top-quality PonyCycle at an accessible price then you’ve come to the right place. 

Now you can buy online PonyCycle for home use in Europe.

Since it was founded our company has proved itself to be a reliable partner.

We’ve helped lots of parents turn bring a touch of magic to their children’s lives.

We are a consumer-oriented company, adopting an individual approach to each client and offering mutually beneficial conditions.


We look forward to working with you.